Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center is a tertiary oncology hospital facing international patients and also a platform-enabled hospital based in Southern China. The current featured departments include: Palliative Care Center, Healthcare Management Center, Gastrointestinal Tumor Specialty Department, Minimally Invasive Treatment Center, Gynecological Oncology Center, and Mammary Gland Tumor Specialty Department.

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We are a committed team with many years of experience providing comprehensive care to cancer patients. We are always at the forefront of advances in oncology treatments.
  • Recognized by the oncology community
  • Committed to becoming the benchmark for cancer treatment in Guangzhou
  • We create a comprehensive care experience for our patients, focusing on rigorous quality, traceability and process excellence.

Our purpose is to take care of you and turn your experience with us into a story of improvement.
Our commitment is to provide access to comprehensive and personalized care to cancer patients, through the best medical practices and quality standards.
To be the leading cancer center in testing, comprehensive treatment and cancer research in Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Hospital, as a tertiary cancer hospital catering to international patients and serving as a platform hospital in the South China region, exhibits the unique charm of international medical services. The hospital is dedicated not only to providing excellent medical treatment but also to creating an international medical environment where patients from around the globe feel warmth and care.
The exterior design of the hospital combines modern architecture with international elements, showcasing its high-end medical positioning. Unique architectural lines and modern facades make the hospital stand out in the urban landscape. Surrounded by lush greenery, the hospital not only creates a pleasant landscape but also provides a tranquil atmosphere for patients, aiding in alleviating the stress and anxiety during the treatment process.
The hospital's featured departments include the Palliative Care Center, Health Management Center, Digestive Oncology Specialized Center, Minimally Invasive Treatment Center, Gynecologic Oncology Center, and Breast Cancer Specialized Center. These departments not only represent the hospital's high level of expertise in cancer treatment but also offer international patients a diverse range of medical options. The Palliative Care Center is committed to providing comprehensive and comfortable care for advanced-stage patients, while the Health Management Center focuses on the overall health management of patients, providing personalized services.
The Minimally Invasive Treatment Center employs advanced minimally invasive techniques, offering patients a gentler and quicker treatment, significantly reducing pain and recovery time. The Digestive Oncology Specialized Center, Gynecologic Oncology Center, and Breast Cancer Specialized Center each have experienced professional teams in their respective fields, providing patients with personalized and precise diagnosis and treatment plans.
In terms of international patient services, the hospital actively establishes an International Medical Service Center with a multilingual service team to provide considerate and convenient services for patients from different countries and regions. From airport pick-up services, translation assistance to considerations for dietary cultures, the hospital strives to make international patients feel at home in a foreign land. Additionally, the hospital offers comprehensive medical consultation services for international patients, assisting them in understanding treatment plans and addressing concerns, enabling them to actively participate in medical decisions.
Within the hospital, comfortable and modern wards, advanced medical equipment, and international standard medical services provide patients with a high-quality medical experience. International patients at the hospital not only receive outstanding medical treatment but also experience the unique blend of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The hospital's medical and nursing team, trained in international standards, not only possesses rich clinical experience but also has cross-cultural communication skills, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care during the medical process.
In conclusion, Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Hospital, as a tertiary cancer hospital for international patients, with its modern appearance, diverse specialized departments, and international medical services, provides patients with an internationally advanced medical environment. Here, patients not only receive excellent treatment but also feel the warmth and care shared by patients from around the world.
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