Testimonial from a Breast Cancer Patient: Royal Lee Cancer Center, the Warm Home of Healing Journey

A breast cancer patient from Nantong, Jiangsu, shares her treatment experience at Royal Lee. Initially skeptical about surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, she chose to treat herself with traditional Chinese medicine at home. However, during the pandemic, her condition deteriorated, prompting her to seek professional medical treatment. Hearing about the significant effects of interventional therapy from a friend who received treatment at Royal Lee, she decided to seek medical help there.
At Royal Lee, she underwent interventional therapy with remarkable results, avoiding traditional radiation and chemotherapy. The patient highly praises the hospital's environment, doctors, and nursing staff, feeling the warmth of home and the sincere care of the medical team. She expresses gratitude for the hospital's service and the professionalism of the medical staff, believing that as a patient, she has found comfort, peace of mind, and love here.

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