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The Imaging Unit of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center aims to provide high quality and accurate imaging examination and diagnostic services for patients with its cutting-edge equipment. The imaging testing result will contribute to accurate diagnosis and exact staging that are essential to the formulation of treatment plan and assessment of efficacy.

1.Personnel: The Imaging Unit is staffed with qualified and professional radiologists(three team members are advanced technical specialists, other 10 are intermediate and junior specialists, technicians and nursing staffs).

2.Equipment: The unit is equipped with advanced 128-slice CT, 3.0 MRI, PET CT, GE Vivid e95 Ultrasound, Siemens DSA, DR with shooting system and Mammography Machine with a puncture system. These equipment allows radiologists and doctors to examine all parts of the body, give diagnosis, get a CT-guided biopsy and intervention therapy for some complicated cases.

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