The 1 year anniversary of RoyalLee, a year of contribution to Healthy China” reported in the media

1 year anniversary of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center was held as scheduled on 20th May, 2022.

Party Secretary and the head of Huangpu District Health Bureau Lin Dongyong, Guidance Officer of Party Building Office in Huangpu District Long Hu Street Chen Xianzhu, Director Assistant of People’s Mediation Committee of Patient-Doctor Dispute Zhang Bei, General Manager of China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City(SSGKC) Investment Group Li Min, Vice President of SSGKC Park Union Gao Qiang, Board Chairman of RoyalLee Group Li Min and President of Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center Wang Jichen were present on the anniversary. Consulate representatives of several countries and business partners from financial and insurance industries also witnessed this exciting moment.

At the same time, the facility, as a crucial part of medical institutions inside SSGKC of Huangpu District, saw extensive report on its anniversary. Board Chairman Li Min gave an interview to friends from the media like Net Collection Guangdong and Technology Newspaper Guangdong following the anniversary activities.

As a crucial part of future international medical hub in Guangzhou, Guangzhou RoyalLee Cancer Center continues to step up its effort in realizing 2030 perspective goal of “Healthy China” by transforming into an innovation drive of high-end medical institutions based on Greater Bay Area(GBA) and radiating out across the Southeast Asia and inspiring sustainable development of Non-government Medical Institutions under the 14th Five-year Plan with its customer-centered concept and adherence to premium health care provider.

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