From Despair to Hope: Uncle Liu's Road to Recovery from Parotid Cancer

In the journey of life, some turns of events are like sudden storms, catching people off guard. Uncle Liu's story is such a challenging journey.

Comparison before and after treatment in our hospital
In the winter of 2017, a swelling appeared quietly on Uncle Liu's left cheek. At a tertiary hospital in Jiangxi Province, he underwent exploration, superficial lobe resection, and excision of the mass in the left parotid area. However, fate seemed unwilling to let go of this resilient uncle easily. Three months later, the review results were like a bolt from the blue - enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, and the results of fine-needle aspiration biopsy showed metastatic cancer.
In the spring of 2023, accompanied by his family, Uncle Liu embarked on the journey to seek medical treatment in Beijing. At a tertiary hospital in Beijing, after a series of examinations including ultrasound, CT, and MRI, doctors confirmed the recurrence and metastasis of the tumor. This news, like a shadow, cast over Uncle Liu and his family.
Just when they had tried various treatment options and were almost losing hope, by chance, they heard about Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center. This hospital has rich experience and excellent technology in tumor treatment, with numerous successful cases of various types of advanced tumors. This news was like a beacon, lighting up their path forward.
With a thirst for life and aspirations for the future, Uncle Liu came to Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center. Here, he met Dr. Huang Deliang, a renowned expert in the field of minimally invasive intervention.

Photo of Uncle Liu with Dr. Huang Deliang, Director of Mininally Invasive Treatment Center at our hospital
After admission, under the guidance and service of one-on-one nursing staff, Uncle Liu completed relevant examinations. On July 31st, under local anesthesia, he underwent "left carotid artery angiography, left external carotid artery superselective angiography, and perfusion" surgery, with significant overall treatment effect. After two sessions of interventional treatment, the tumor significantly decreased in size. Uncle Liu and his family looked at the examination results, surprised and almost unable to believe their eyes. After trying various advanced therapies in Beijing and other major cities, all without success, now in Guangzhou, after a few surgeries, the effect was so immediate.
Uncle Liu's attending physician, Dr. Huang Deliang said, "The patient is recovering very well, confirming the treatment plan we formulated earlier. According to this situation, after another 4-5 interventions, there is a chance of cure." Dr. Huang's words were like a warm stream, warming Uncle Liu's heart.
Uncle Liu has resumed normal life and actively participated in the hospital's rehabilitation activities, sharing his treatment experience and journey with fellow patients, encouraging more patients to bravely face the disease.
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