Translation & Interpreting Services

As an international specialized hospital, Royal Lee Cancer Center in Guangzhou is dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive medical services for patients from both China and abroad. In order to ensure that patients from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds feel the warmth of home during their medical journey, the hospital has introduced professional translation and interpreting services. This ensures that every patient can communicate seamlessly with medical staff and receive timely and accurate medical information. Translation and interpreting are available in multiple languages, including English, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, and more.
The translation and interpreting team at Royal Lee Cancer Center in Guangzhou consist of experienced and highly skilled translators and interpreters. They are not only proficient in medical terminology but also possess strong cross-cultural communication skills, enabling them to accurately understand and convey patients' needs and concerns. Whether it's for admission consultations, diagnostic procedures, treatment, or postoperative recovery, translators and interpreters accompany patients to ensure smooth communication between medical professionals and patients.
During the translation and interpreting process, the hospital pays special attention to protecting patients' privacy and information security. All translators and interpreters undergo rigorous confidentiality training and strictly adhere to the hospital's information security protocols, ensuring that patients' personal information and medical conditions remain confidential.
In addition to basic translation and interpreting services, the hospital also focuses on addressing cultural differences and meeting special needs of patients. For patients with specific religious beliefs or dietary preferences, the hospital respects and strives to meet their needs, providing personalized services. This humane care not only allows patients to receive physical treatment but also ensures they feel spiritual support and comfort during their time at the hospital.
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