Patient Food Services

Royal Lee Cancer Center, always adhering to the concept of "cherishing life," strives to provide comprehensive medical services for every patient. Among these services, the provision of meals, as an important aspect of the hospital's humane care, is equally highly valued by the hospital management.
At Royal Lee, we deeply understand the significance of nutrition in cancer recovery and recognize that patients' dietary needs during treatment differ from those of the general population. To address this, the hospital has established a clinical nutrition department. Professional doctors develop personalized nutritional meal plans based on factors such as the patient's medical condition, treatment stage, and individual taste preferences. These plans not only ensure that patients receive sufficient nutrition but also consider the taste and sensory aspects of food, allowing patients to enjoy culinary delights during their treatment.



Through a deep collaboration with the Fortune 500 catering giant, Aramark, we have jointly created high-quality catering services. The Royal Lee Aramark Restaurant provides a variety of cuisines from different countries, nutritious meals, and special dietary options. In addition to emphasizing "eating well" and "eating hygienically," the restaurant places great importance on "eating healthily." We pay attention to the selection of ingredients and cooking methods, sourcing all materials from reliable suppliers and subjecting them to strict testing and screening to ensure freshness, safety, and hygiene. In the cooking process, we adopt a healthy, low-fat, and low-salt approach to preserve the nutritional content of the food while reducing the digestive burden on patients.
To meet the diverse needs of different patients, we offer a variety of dining options. Whether it's Chinese or Western cuisine, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, we can carefully prepare meals for you. Additionally, we pay special attention to patients with specific dietary requirements, such as low-sugar diets for diabetes patients or low-salt diets for hypertension patients, ensuring that each patient's needs are met.
At Royal Lee, we firmly believe that good food not only provides ample nutrition for patients but also offers them emotional comfort and support. Therefore, we wholeheartedly prepare each meal for every patient, aiming to make them feel the warmth and care of home during their treatment.
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