Religious Services

Although hospitals are places for treating and saving lives, for many patients and their families with religious beliefs, having a place for prayer in the face of illness or a loved one's illness can be a great source of comfort. In order to meet the religious needs of patients and accompanying family members, we established a "prayer room" at the inception of the hospital. The prayer room is available for patients and family members of three different religious beliefs: Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. The prayer room staff adjusts images such as Buddha, Allah, and Jesus based on the individual's faith.

The prayer room is carpeted and equipped with prayer-related items. Considering the special dietary needs of Muslim patients, the hospital has established a dedicated Muslim kitchen.

The medical staff shows sufficient understanding and utmost respect for the devout psychology and religious practices of patients with religious beliefs. This ensures the harmony of their spiritual world, and by aligning with their beliefs, it encourages patients to cooperate with and support the medical treatment. This approach aims to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
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