Halal kitchen

In order to better meet the special needs of Muslim patients, we have established a dedicated halal kitchen, providing them with a cooking environment that aligns with religious practices and ensures safety and hygiene.
The halal kitchen is reserved for use by Muslims only, featuring an elegant and clean environment. We have taken into full consideration the religious beliefs and dietary habits of Muslim patients, carefully designing the layout and facilities of the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with professional cookware and appliances, including induction stoves, frying pans, and soup pots, to ensure that Muslim patients can comfortably cook meals in accordance with religious requirements.

In addition to providing cooking facilities and ingredients, we have also arranged professional nutritionists and Muslim chefs to offer personalized dietary guidance and cooking services for Muslim patients. They not only understand the dietary culture of Muslims but also possess rich cooking experience, enabling them to prepare nutritionally rich meals that meet religious requirements for patients.
The establishment of the halal kitchen not only provides convenience for Muslim patients seeking medical treatment in China but also reflects the Royal Lee Cancer Center's humane care and respect for patients. Through this approach, we aim to provide Muslim patients with a sense of warmth and comfort akin to home during their treatment, empowering them to face their illnesses more positively and overcome adversities.

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