قسم الموجات فوق الصوتية

Ultrasonography is a type of imaging tests using echoes of ultrasound pulses to delineate structure, biological function, blood stream parameter and density of tissues and organs to detect illness and make diagnosis. Featured with zero trauma, zero pain, convenience, visual display and high repeatability, it now has been widely used in diagnosis of systemic and tissular disease and has further developed into five modes: A-mode ultrasound(the simplest one), B-mode ultrasound(the most commonly used one), M-mode ultrasound(movement mode), C-mode ultrasound(mainly used in industrial testing) and Doppler ultrasound(producing colored image of heart valves, blood, tissues and more) as well as real-time three-dimensional Color Doppler. Moreover, it is now a indispensable part of interventional therapy(e.g., ultrasound-guided transvaginal surgery).
Color Doppler Ultrasound, Electrocardiogram, Dynamic Electrocardiogram(DCG), Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring(ABPM) and Ultrasound-guided Interventional Therapy are provided in the department. These items support the diagnosis of disease in areas like abdomen, female productive organs, heart, vessels and superficial organs, and they lay the ground for early screening, diagnosis, treatment plan, ultrasound-guided procedure, efficacy test and follow-up observation.
Ultrasound-guided procedure is the hallmark of Ultrasonography Department. The procedure is marked by a real-time guidance of ultrasound for diagnostic or therapeutic operations like puncture biopsy, radiography, aspiration, intubation, ablation and perfusion. This has hopefully reduced necessity of open surgery and serve the same purpose.
Diagnostic UltrasoundIt is used in the examination of heart, blood vessel, endocrine system, digestive organs, female productive organs, urinary system and other system diseases. It is also marked by high effectiveness in detecting abnormality in thyroid, breast, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, uterine adnexa, testicular epididymis and identifying body surface tumor, lymphoma, etc. Besides, ECG plays an important role in identifying arrhythmia and atrioventricular block as well as myocardial infarction. For instance, it is highly sensitive in detecting not only the presence of myocardial infarction, but also the extent of the infarct's lesion site and its evolution. It helps diagnose atrial hypertrophy, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis and determines the functional status of the pacemaker. More importantly, it helps to understand the effect of certain drugs and electrolyte disorders on the heart.
Dynamic electrocardiogram(DCG) serves to diagnose arrhythmia and estimate the nature and severity of the disease. It is also capable of identifying myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris, paroxysmal palpitations, chest tightness, thus the efficacy and toxicity of cardiovascular drugs can be observed with the help of DCG.Patients with myocardial infarction also rely on DCG to get cured and rehabilitate, because DCG clarifies when pacemaker works and whether pacemaker is in good condition.
Ambulatory Blood Pressure MonitoringAmbulatory blood pressure monitoring(ABPM) can be applied to all groups of people, especially for hypertensive patients to monitor curative effect of anti-hypertension drug. It reflects the point of time abnormal fluctuation of blood pressure happens to notify optimal medication time. ABPM also tells whether the fluctuation of a healthy man remains in a ideal condition. If there seems to be the sign of hypertension, ABPM will help to form a definite conclusion.
Ultrasound-guided interventional therapyUltrasound-guided interventional therapy alleviates clinical manifestations through a find needle puncture that reach the lesion directly to aspirate cyst fluid or inject medicine to eliminate the cyst.Adenomyoma or myoma will degenerate, become necrotic and fibrous when chemotherapy drugs are injected or physical ablation is delivered. The therapy is highly recommended by virtue of no incision, zero trauma, zero pain, reduced damage and complication coupled with skyhigh accuracy and safety.
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