All pharmacists dispense drugs in compliance with JCI standards and the motto of Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center: Respect Only You and Life.
1.Chinese medicine pharmacy
Chinese medicine granule prescription dispensing; Chinese medicine tablet slicing; Chinese medicine herb identification; Chinese medicine prescription review; Chinese medicine science education.
2.Western Pharmacy
Dispensing of Western medicine and Chinese patent medicine prescription; Prescription review of inpatient drugs, prescription dispensing; Medication education.
3.Clinical pharmacy services
Inpatient pharmacist rounds; Identification and notification of adverse drug reactions; Review of drug synergy contraindications; Review of the medical prescription rationality; Review of the gene rationality of targeted drug therapies; Pharmacy quality control gatekeeping.
The Aim of Department of Pharmacy Services
The Department upholds the patient medication safety as its mission and place an order with manufacturers who produce drugs in accordance with National Good Manufacturing Practice. Drugs are inspected and approved in tiny packages. Temperature on the transportation, appearance, color, batch number and expiry of the drugs are all taken into consideration. Pharmacy staff make sure all drugs approved are safe and effective. We check prescription, medicine, drug synergy contraindications and medication rationality, at the same time, confirm the department, patient name, age, drug name, dosage form, specification, quantity, character, usage, consumption and clinical diagnosis. On the other hand, patient’s allergy history and medication history are also our concerns. We keep focused on the usage of highly risky drug during patient’s stay and clinical pharmacists will go over patient’s medication record everyday to monitor their reaction to the drug. Then they will discuss with physicians to formulate a more economical and effective drug list. Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service Unit is a sterilized chamber where all the infusion is prepared free from any possible pollution.
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