Healthcare Management Center

The Healthcare Management Center is distinctive for its“whole-process healthcare management, stay-in medical workup and genetic screening”. It provides full medical workup, healthcare management and green passage to top experts to make clients sound the alarm about the health thus help them enjoy both longevity and high-quality life.
Whole-process Healthcare ManagementIn this center, healthcare management always goes together with the workup. Routinely, our doctor will inquire into a client’s major health issue ahead of the checkup to formulate a more targeted plan for him or her. Then a butler will guide the client all the way through the health checkup. And there is also a butler to follow up the wellness of the client.Moreover, a joint consultation, if needed, will be conducted by multidisciplinary team to analyze the results. Once the disease is ascertained, we are able to connect our clients with domestic top experts in a short time.
Stay-in Medical WorkupBesides conventional health checkup, guests who hate to hustle or feel uncertain about their preparation for gastrointestinal endoscope can opt for stay-in medical workup. Because they are welcome to choose five-star detached suites ranging from 30-600m2 to stay in. An exclusive butler will take care of everything during guest’s stay. Dinning, accommodation, checkup, report interpretation and swift referral will be well guaranteed to ensure seamless healthcare management service.
Genetic ScreeningHereditary disease is a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically and passed on from one generation to another through defected genes. An individual in average carries 2.8 defected genes that lead to recessive hereditary diseases, according to the research. And these defected genes can’t be detected through conventional checkup. But through genetic screening, latent mutation can be detected to optimize living environment and life habit to prevent hereditary disease in the first step.
Elite Expert TeamOur multidisciplinary team is made up of experts specializing in oncology, hepato-biliary-pancreatic diseases, gastrointestinal tumors, mammary gland tumors, palliative care, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, general surgery, gynecological diseases, andrology and nutritional support, enabling the center to satisfy clients’ all needs. And we are also able to offer green passage to domestic top experts for clients if they need and gather multidisciplinary experts to launch a joint consultation.
Full-line Sophisticated EquipmentRoyallee Cancer Center equips itself with the most cutting-edge 3.0T Magnetic Resonance Imaging(3.0T MRI), 128-slice Spiral CT, Mammogram machine, Mobile Digital Radiography(Mobile DR), Ceiling Suspension DR and Digital Subtraction Angiography(DSA).Other premium apparatus like electronic gastrointestinal Endoscope, Arteriosclerosis Detector, Bone Density Detector and MIR Spirolab also facilitates precision screening for cancer and early diagnosis and treatment.

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