Gastrointestinal Oncology

Guangzhou Royal Lee Cancer Center is an emerging oncology facility with 400 electric beds. The Center joins hands with medical colleges and other 3a-grade general hospitals to form the Guangdong Oncology medical hub.
The Medical Oncology, as the key clinical department of the hospital, has professional and technical staff from major famous cancer hospitals and medical schools in China. The professional research team of medical oncology consists of 20 staff, including 6 doctors (3 with senior title, 2 with intermediate title and 1 with junior title), all of whom have master's degree or above, and 14 nurses (3 with intermediate title or above).
Now, the department can handle gastrointestinal tumors (including hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors), breast cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma, etc. Treatment options including chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, TCM combined with Western medicine treatment are available.
The nursing team is made up of 14 professional nurses from major hospitals in China. They have received good professional training and gained rich work experience. Their expertise, enthusiasm enable them to help patients effectively.
Under the leadership of Director Ma Lanying, the head of the department, the internal medicine team has reached the domestic advanced level in the standardized and individualized precise treatment of solid tumors. The department can conduct online plus offline multidisciplinary consultation joined by domestic and foreign experts based on the needs of patients' conditions. The medical and nursing staff are always ready to help patients and their families solve problems and create a whole-life support model of Internet+.
The standardized treatment, for example radical treatment of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, complete circumferential mesorectal excision (CCME) and Ultra-low anterior resection for low rectal cancer, has been in line with top-notch facilities at home and abroad.
Standardized treatment technique: The unit has led the way nationwide and across the world in the standardized radical treatment technique of gastrointestinal tumors, such as the standardized radical treatment of gastric cancer, colon cancer, total mesenteric resection of rectal cancer and Ultra-low anterior resection for low rectal cancer.
Maximum efficacy: Under the leadership of two professors, the unit has probed into the innovation of procedures that have considerably brought down recurrence rate and elevated 5-year survival rate.
Three-dimentional multidisciplinary collaboration: The unit strives to offer more comprehensive and evidence-based treatment plan for patients through a multidisciplinary consultation conducted by top domestic expert.
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