Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncology, as the key clinical department of Royal Lee, has professional and technical staff from major famous cancer hospitals and medical schools in China. The doctor team consists of 1 senior tittle doctor, 2 senior deputy title doctors, 4 intermediate title doctors and 2 junior title doctors(One p.h.d., 5 masters and 3 bachelors). There are 12 professional nursing staff.
The department can deal with common tumors, including gastrointestinal tumors, mammary gland tumors, thyroid tumors and hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors.
Professional Gynecological Team: The professionals can handle cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer and various benign gynecological diseases, and extensive hysterectomy, pelvic lymph node dissection and ovarian tumor reduction.
The nursing team is made up of 12 professional nurses from major hospitals in China. They have received good professional training and gained rich work experience. Their expertise, enthusiasm enable them to help patients effectively.
Prof. Wu Aiguo, Director of Department: Prof. Wu Aiguo is a well-known surgical expert in China, who has been working in the surgery department of the affiliated hospitals of famous medical universities in China for a long time. He has high attainments in the diagnosis and treatment of gastric tumor, colorectal tumor, retroperitoneal tumor, breast tumor and thyroid tumor. Especially, he has rich experience in anus-preserving surgery for low rectal cancer, breast cancer breast-conserving surgery and re-operation for recurrent tumors and surgery for elderly patients! Under the leadership of Prof. Wu Aiguo, the surgical team has reached the advanced level in China in the standardized and individualized precision treatment of gastric and intestinal tumors; he can skillfully perform minimally invasive surgery for various tumors of the stomach and intestinal tract, hepatobiliary tract and pancreatic tumor surgery, breast tumor surgery, thyroid tumor surgery, as well as multidisciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment for recurrent and difficult patients. In addition, he also performs surgical treatment for various abdominal hernias, anal diseases, and peripheral vascular disease.

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